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O’Hare Modernization Program

The $6.6B O’Hare Modernization Program (OMP) will reconfigure O’Hare International Airport’s intersecting runways into a more modern, parallel layout. The Program will substantially reduce delays in all weather conditions and increase capacity at the airfield, allowing O’Hare to meet the region’s aviation needs well into the future.  O’Hare already generates 450,000 jobs and $38 billion in economic activity for the Chicago region and State of Illinois. A modernized O’Hare means the creation of 195,000 more jobs, and another $18 billion in annual economic activity. The OMP is expected to save the airlines approximately $370 million and passengers $380 million a year.


CivCon Services, Inc., as a Joint Venture Partner of DMJM Aviation Partners, J.V., provides Program Management Services on the OMP.  Duties include the technical coordination and management of various civil contracts within the north and south airfields. Projects include the construction of new Runways 9L-27R, 10L-28R, 10C-28C and 10R-28L, relocation of Bensenville Ditch, relocation of Irving Park Road and Mount Prospect Road, the interim and final alignments of the Union Pacific Railroad tracks, the new South Airfield and North Airfield Lighting Control Vaults, relocation of the JAWA Distribution Water Main, relocation of Willow-Higgins Creek and other enabling projects.

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