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IDOT High Speed Rail – Chicago to St. Louis Corridor

The $1.33B Illinois High Speed Rail Program – Chicago to St. Louis Corridor is managed by the Illinois Department of Transportation Bureau of Railroads.  The route is approximately 284 miles long with trains operating primarily on Union Pacific Railroad track with service provided by Amtrak. The improvements will allow future passenger rail service from Chicago to St. Louis to operate at speeds up to 110 mph. Illinois additionally received $1.25 million to complete a Tier 1 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to study potential additional corridor improvements including a full build out of a second track.  The overall purpose of this project is to enhance the passenger transportation network within the corridor, resulting in a more balanced use of the modal components.

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CivCon Services, Inc., as part of the Program Management Team, provides support services in the areas of contract administration and agreements, quality assurance and system safety planning, budget and cost control, cost estimating, resident engineering, field inspection and environmental and engineering coordination. Duties include contract management of cooperative and construction agreements, grant applications and financial plans; development of Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) and System Safety Program Plan (SSPP); administration of independent consultant contracts and pay requests; construction cost estimate reconciliation; and, field oversight and administration of track replacement and infrastructure improvements completed by Union Pacific; preparation of NEPA documents, coordination with resource agencies and engineering support.

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